Sweetest Senior Golden Saved From Dog Meat Festival

 Dozens of dogs are safe now due to one rescue organization’s hard work — including the sweetest senior golden retriever.

Ahead of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, scores of dogs are now safe thanks to the efforts of one rescue organization, including the nicest senior golden retriever. Every June, thousands of innocent puppies are slaughtered in China because people eat dog meat to commemorate the summer solstice. Hundreds of dogs intended for slaughter are now on their way to a new life thanks to the efforts of the rescue organization China Rescue Dogs. The organization is dedicated to rescuing dogs from the meat trade as well as situations of mistreatment in China. Their task has gotten more difficult due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, but it hasn't stopped the group from saving these canines from a horrible death.

Chinese customs authorities currently prohibit the transportation and export of dogs from China to the United States, but rescue teams have set up shops in Vancouver, Canada to bring these pets to a safe place. They are currently bringing dogs from Canada to the United States and have so far rescued 181 dogs through their Canadian office.

“We flew the pups into Vancouver first, where they cleared Canadian Customs,” Jill Stewart, president and creator of China Rescue Dogs, explained. “We then put the dogs into cargo trucks and drove them across the border to Blaine, Washington, where they cleared U.S. Customs. We then drove the rescues to Seattle, where they spent the night at a pet spa before flying out the next day on Alaskan Air to their forever homes across the country.”

The canines are then given medical attention and placed up for adoption. The 8-year-old Golden Retriever, originally scheduled to be slaughtered in China, was one of the lucky dogs that survived the rescue. When rescuers found him, he was very ill, and part of his right ear had been cut off to make dog ear soup. What Golden had gone through was unfathomable, but he was finally able to meet his permanent family during Memorial Day Weekend. Golden is overjoyed to finally feel love, despite the fact that he is still suffering certain health challenges.

“He is overjoyed, happy, and loving all the affection he is receiving,” the rescue said in a news release. “The last few weeks have been the happiest of his life.” Golden is now getting along well with his new family in Ohio, and they are ecstatic to have him. While the labor to save these dogs is heartbreaking, Stewart and her colleagues believe it's all worth it when they see those tails wag for the first time after going through so much.

“When you see their smiling smiles and wagging tails, the sleepless nights and days and weeks of paperwork are worth it,” Stewart added. “We made a pledge and a pledge to save these dogs from Yulin, and we are doing everything we can to ensure that they may live the remainder of their lives with love and without fear.” You can donate to China Rescue Dogs on their website to assist them save more puppies from the Yulin Festival.

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