Teacher is delighted and takes photo of student sharing his food with street dog

 "It was one of the most adorable moments I have seen since I started my teaching career"

Thousands of people have been moved by images shared on social media. A student can be seen eating breakfast with a stray dog.

On the photos, you can see the youngster in the schoolyard, eating from a container just a few steps away from the ravenous dog. Instead of being terrified, the youngster crouches down to grab the dog and feed him. The scene was captured on film by the child's teacher.

At first, the youngster tries to feed the cub with a spoon, but when he notices the animal's need, he decides to provide his entire plate. The photographs were allegedly captured by the boy's teacher, who works at a Thai elementary school.

“I was watching the two best friends and was interested to see how the boy would do. “It was one of the cutest things I've seen since I started teaching,” the teacher remarked.

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