The Ultimate Love Story Of Golden Retriever And Staffordshire Terrier Next Door


This is a great love tale about Lola, a shy golden retriever, and Loki, her neighbor, a Staffordshire terrier. They first met when Lola and her mother, Amber Monte, moved into their new home outside of Surrey, England. Loki, the boy next door, was one of the first to meet them. A wooden fence divided Loki's backyard from Lola's. Despite the barrier, the boy sprang up and shouted hello to the newcomers. Lola also replied to Loki's greeting, and the two canines became acquainted.

Lola's parents at first assumed it was merely a new friendship. “Lola would always leap up and greet him with some licks,” Monte explained. “We just assumed they were getting to know each other and that would be the end of it.”

Monte recently noticed a change in Lola's behavior. “The first thing she'll do when we let her out is jump up to the fence to see if Loki is out,” Monte explained. “If Loki isn't out, she'll sit at the fence and wait.”

“We had never lived near to other dogs before, and Lola was ecstatic to see another dog so frequently!” Monte informed The Dodo. “Whenever Loki was in his garden, he'd always leap up to the fence and look for Lola, knowing she was usually there. Loki even figured out a way to get close to his beloved. As a result, the pair cherishes the precious moments they spend together. “When they're together, they're inseparable,” Monte remarked.

Loki and Lola's love story is a fairy tale, and nothing can stop their love. If you like this couple, please share their touching stories with everyone to prove that true love exists and is really amazing, even in the animal kingdom.

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