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They adopt a dog with terminal cancer and make his last months of life the happiest

 Rooselvet was a pit bull dog who had a sorrowful expression on his face and was very lonely. His owners had left him at Chicago Animal Control with a message explaining why he had been abandoned.

He has urination issues.

Kelly Michael and Sarah Lauch were devastated when they met the depressed and heartbroken dog. They wanted to get him out of that depressing environment and the freezing cage as quickly as possible.

I stood there quietly watching him in his cage as the other dogs barked and leapt to grab my attention. He appeared to be unhappy and tearful, Sarah posted on Facebook.

His teeth were completely shattered, most likely from chewing pebbles or attempting to escape from his cage. We felt helpless and saddened for him. We tried right away to get him a foster family so that we could get him out and get him healthy, she continued.


Fortunately, with the assistance of the group "One Tail at a Time," they were able to return him to his family.