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This Dog was Locked Up in a Narrow Cage Until She Forgot How to Walk

 Liszka is a canine who spent her early years of existence in appalling conditions. Her luck eventually came, but many people questioned how she managed to build enough strength to survive. 

She was kept in a small cage by her owner, who never let her out. The poor fluffy puppy had to urinate and sleep on her crap in there. Finally, a neighbor phoned OTOZ Animals rescues.

When the rescue squad arrived on the scene, they were heartbroken to see Liszka's situation. Apparently, this isn't the first time the owner has been charged with animal cruelty. 

“She's lying there, waiting for her life to end,” stated one of the OTOZ Animals rescuers.

The man refused to take grip of the dog, and the situation escalated to the point where rescuers were forced to call the police. It wasn't easy, but the gorgeous dog was eventually able to escape his prison after some convincing.

“The owner was so insane that he refused to let go of the dog. “We had to contact the cops,” OTOZ Animals' Sylwia Zajac explained. *

When a human approached Liszka, she shivered in terror. They clearly never made any romantic gestures toward her, and the 'fur baby' appeared perplexed. 

The rescuers were heartbroken when the dog attempted to take its first steps.

The dog had forgotten how to walk and her legs were so weak that she required rehabilitation. Liszka looked different after weeks of concentration and hard work. She'd regained her faith in humanity and had recovered from her muscle spasms. The cute fur baby adores walks and even jogs.

The best part is that Liszka has found a new family. Her days in the cage are over, and she may now enjoy the peace and affection of her family, who treat her as the most adored member of the household.

It's heartbreaking to think that anyone could inflict such suffering on so many helpless animals. 

This case is just one more example of the tireless labor of the rescue crew. We must raise our voices in order to demand justice and guarantee that those responsible for inflicting so much misery on these vulnerable creatures pay for all the awful deeds they perpetrated.