This Man Gives His Life to Rescuing Pitbulls

 “People say ‘Oh, you run a great Pit bull rescue.’ And in the back of my mind I’m like, ‘nah, these pit bulls run a great Jason rescue.’”

Jason has committed his life to giving Pit bulls a second chance. These misunderstood dogs are actually very loving and affectionate, but because of their reputation, they are often abandoned in shelters because their owners no longer need them.

Jason found out about The Dodo. Jason grew up in a home with a pittie and learned that they're really loving dogs with large hearts. He opted to emigrate after his brother died because he was going through a difficult time. As a result, he relocated to Georgia and adopted a pittie puppy, who gave him a new lease on life. Jason went to the shelter one day to locate a companion for his pittie at home. He was heartbroken to see so many pit bulls in the shelter, practically all of them predestined for euthanasia. Instead of simply feeling horrible about it, he decided he wanted to do something about it.

Jason found out about The Dodo. So, inspired by his experience at the shelter, Jason moved on to volunteer at pet shelters in Georgia, learning more about canines, particularly pit bulls. People mocked him and told him he'd fail every time he mentioned opening a pittie refuge. That will only fuel his determination. He founded Friends to the Forlorn and has done everything in his ability to rehome and nurture pitties who would otherwise be abandoned. His purpose is simple yet pure, and Jason is a great inspiration to all of us.

Jason found out about The Dodo. He stated that instead of complaining about injustice, you should take responsibility and do something about it. His work with pit bulls is admirable, and if you can help Jason and his shelter, please do so by visiting their website.

We'll leave you with these remarks from Jason: “People tell me, ‘Oh, you have a fantastic Pit bull rescue.' And I'm thinking to myself, 'no, these pit bulls run a fantastic Jason rescue.'" Please share this article with your family and friends!