Unique Sanctuary Lets Dogs Live Out Their Lives In Luxury After Their Owners Pass

Rita Lynd peered into Hannah the Boxer's gorgeous eyes and made a commitment to her. She pledged to build a shelter for orphaned dogs where they may live out their lives in comfort and care. This promise was made in 2009, and after years of hard work and financing, it became a reality in 2019.

Hannah was adopted by Rita, a retired canine behaviorist, after her owner, John, died. He and Rita were quite close. Rita went to check on him, only to discover that he had died unexpectedly in his house. Hannah stayed at his side for four days until they were discovered, and she was discovered to be sad. “Hannah was quite traumatized and stressed. It was heartbreaking to try to pry her away from John. “I stayed with her night after night while she howled and howled,” Rita explained.

Hannah needed six months to heal and enjoy life again, despite living with Rita, an experienced dog trainer. This encounter, as well as Hannah's tale, prompted Rita to set up The Hannah Foundation Inc. A non-profit organization that provides a safe haven for orphaned canines whose owners have made provisions in their wills for their care.

“There are many people who do not have family. And what happens to their dog after they die?” Rita pondered. Just as a will helps you to provide for the people in your life, you can also do the same for your dogs. Pet parents who need a caregiver for their dog in case of their death can leave a bequest to The Hannah Foundation, which will cover their pet's personal care and medical expenditures for the duration of their stay at the sanctuary.

These dogs are not in foster care and must be pre-registered before they visit the shelter. Hannah's House becomes their permanent home, where they are surrounded by affection and live in luxury. An item of clothing from their previous owner is saved, and a profile of their nutrition, exercise routine, and favorite toys is made.

The sanctuary provides a warm and welcoming environment, dog-friendly gardens, queen size beds for dogs to enjoy, daily walks on the property's walking trails, regular grooming and vet checks, on-site home carers, and transportation as needed. Marley, Banjo, Taz, and Tango are the current tenants of Hannah's House. According to the photographs on the sanctuary's Facebook page, they appear to be pretty snug. 50 more dogs are now registered around Australia to come to Hannah's House in case of their owners die. The Hannah Foundation has received another property and intends to expand its services to include cat care. The search for skilled caregivers is now underway.

If you'd like to make a donation to the non-profit or learn more about registering your canine friend with Hannah's House, visit their website: https://www.hannahcaninesanctuary.org.au

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