UPDATE: Tiny Puppy Loses Her Leg But Not Her Fiery Spirit

 “She’s the one who wanted to live. She chose to make it through.”

The Blue Pearl Animal Hospital in Clearwater, Florida is used to dealing with challenging and heartbreaking situations. They hadn't seen one with such a small puppy until recently. They received a call from the rescue organization Passion for Pits about a 3-week-old Pit Bull puppy who needed to be rushed into surgery straight away.

Her leg was fractured and infected, and the only option was to amputate her leg. Blue Pearl's veterinarians and veterinary technicians were concerned because, at barely 2 pounds, this little puppy was at a very high danger of dying while under anesthesia.

But this young kid stunned everyone by passing with flying colors. She's already walking around on three legs after only one week. She's been dubbed "Leena" because she leans slightly, and she's captured the heart of one veterinary worker in particular. Kourtney Glaser, who oversaw Leena's anesthetic during the procedure, says ABC Action News, "All the stress she caused me prompted me to fall in love with her."


Leena, who is only four weeks old and has already lost one limb, has found the right forever home. Glaser and the rest of the Blue Pearl crew, as well as Passion for Pits, are unsure whether Leena was misused or simply ignored. They do, however, encourage owners to come forward and surrender their pets if they are unable to care for them. Glaser emphasizes that they are not there to shame anyone; rather, they are there to aid dogs in need. At such a young age, Leena is an inspiration. “She was the one who desired to live. “She chose to persevere,” Glaser added.


Leena has matured and is doing well! She completed therapy dog training with Go Team Tampa Bay and received a certificate!

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