Used as “bait” in dogfights, dog is found badly injured hiding behind garbage can

Melanie Pafford, the co-founder of the Street Dog Foundation for animal protection in Tennessee, USA, chose to share this tale in order to raise awareness about these disturbing acts. In 2017, when he passed a trash can, he noticed something strange and approached it. He couldn't believe what he discovered. Behind all the rubbish is a sad puppy, in a very bad situation.

Liam had severe bite scars all over his body, and his life was in jeopardy. It received all of the love and care it required to move on once it was in the hands of the center's employees. Liam's caregivers gradually acquired his trust. Until the dog was completely embraced by the staff.

Melanie's companion, Kent, was able to make space in the trash for Liam to exit. But nothing can force him to take action. “I was really exhausted,” Kent admitted. After repeated tries to bring the puppy out on his own, Kent decided to step in and address the problem, wrapping Liam in a soft towel and transporting him to a truck.

After examining his paws, they found that he was infected with a bite. As a result, Melanie suspected he had been used as "bait" in dog fights. He was quickly taken to the nearest veterinary clinic, where he was treated with serum and antibiotics. They also disinfected his wounds. Despite all efforts to preserve him, the small furry's outlook was bleak.

They didn't have high hopes for his survival. Liam's health was in shambles. “His entire attitude was so affected that he was just giving up, and that was what concerned us the most,” Melanie explained.

As a result of feeling safe, this puppy gradually began to display enthusiasm. Despite the pain, he has been wagging his tail ever since he learned that he was rescued and felt appreciated.

He progressed from a timid, distrustful, and shy puppy to a cuddly dog with a clever, curious, and humorous disposition. Liam refused to be grateful for the new lease on life that the rescuers had given him.

Tell the narrative of Liam, who will soon be fully recovered and available for adoption after all this time.

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