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Wheel Of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Mourns His 12-Year-Old Dog

 The longtime host's announcement brought viewers to tears.

Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune, has enjoyed a lot of success in his life. For decades, he has been the well-known presenter of the game show, and now his two children are achieving fame as well. However, life, like a game show, is full with both wonderful and unpleasant moments.

Sajak's family recently had a dreadful event in their lives. Stella, their 12-year-old dog, died. Sajak revealed the heartbreaking news at the end of a recent Wheel of Fortune program. Most people do not expect to cry durin|g a game show, but this one did. 

Difficult News to Disseminate

Sajak revealed the terrible news on the June 7th program. He initially tried to lighten the mood by explaining that he and Vanna White had pets with the same names. But then he revealed the death of his dog, which brought the show to a close on a melancholy note.

“You and I share a lot of interests,” Sajak said White. “We both have two kids, we both have the same uncommon blood type, but the strangest thing is that we both named our pets the same name independently, without either of us knowing. Stella, your kitty. Then we got Stella, our dog.”

Sajak said that he used the past tense to refer to Stella because she had recently died after 12 wonderful years with the family. Rather of ruminating on her final days, Sajak chose to share pleasant photographs from her life.

In one snapshot, Sajak is posing with the older dog, while Stella is racing toward a ceramic Dalmatian. It's apparent that the dog received a lot of affection throughout her life.

Fans Express Their Sympathy

The show ended, and many fans were left saddened for Sajak. Many viewers took to Twitter to express their sympathies to his family. Some even understood what he was going through because they, too, had recently lost a pet. Several others commented that the news made them cry.

“It was a very difficult period for the Sajak family,” Sajak stated. “However, we wanted to honor Stella by displaying her in brighter times. We'll miss her terribly. She was a wonderful companion.”

On a brighter note, Sajak just revealed some more heartwarming news in another episode. He mentioned that his son had recently graduated from medical school. Sajak is immensely proud, but he quips that his kid will not stop being addressed as "Dr. Sajak."

Life is full of ups and downs, therefore we must focus on the positive times, especially when remembering loved ones who have died. Stella, rest in peace.It's obvious that your family misses you terribly.