With a history of mistreatment, rescued dog refuses to sleep for fear of being hurt

The moment a pet is liberated from the grief and hunger it endured on the streets may be considered the happiest of all, but this is not always the case.

Each organism, like humans, has his or her unique method of self-improvement. And it takes different times for him to put his history behind. Each being bears wounds that are difficult to endure. Some people have endured far too much to be able to forget all of their nightmares in a single day. And that is exactly what the puppy in the following story is going through. Buddy speaks on behalf of the Dalmatian. A wonderful Samaritan named Megan Quiroz recently rescued him from the plight of the homeless. Unfortunately, the dog's transition was not as simple or as quick as she had expected. The dog has had to endure so many years of homelessness, as well as so much tragedy and cruelty, that he remains attentive even in a little dwelling. Buddy is not a vicious dog, but he is terrified.


The dog is seen napping on his feet in a post published by the young woman on her TikTok account. Buddy is troubled by the dream because he is afraid that someone may hurt him. “How do I convey to him that he needs to sleep, that he is no longer on the street and no longer needs to be vigilant? That he may finally sleep peacefully because he has a home,” Megan wrote in the video. The poor creature was scared and was struggling with sleep, even though he was obviously exhausted. Megan's affection is also evident in the tape, as she has a blanket for him, so that he does not get cold while sleeping.

This scene breaks your heart because he is an abused creature with a turbulent past and still haunts him, not a spoiled dog trying to escape from a deep sleep. All of this seems to be insufficient, because Buddy tries hard not to fall asleep. Buddy is terrified, and he will not be taken away from him overnight. But, like him, many other furry pals have gone through a long process of adoption in which only love can save them. This mum will have to be patient and loving in order to gain his trust.

The good news is that you can watch this furry fellow's growth in a newly posted video:

Megan will have to wait a bit for poor Buddy to become accustomed to the house and be certain that there is no longer any threat to be concerned about. But none of this will be possible until she loves and cares for him. Buddy is the face of many dogs who have had a terrible life. Share your experience and help us raise awareness in order to save more animals.


Asmr de Buddy🐶 Gracias a todos por sus bonitas palabras, pronto subo la parte 2 de cómo duerme❣️

♬ original sound - Megan Quiroz

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