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Woman can’t stop crying when reunited with her dog after 3 months of searching

 Adorable reunion

When a dog gets lost, his family's existence becomes a series of empty days filled with grief and desolation.

The anguish of not knowing anything about that animal, which is family, takes on the spirit of home and each individual's strength to continue on. So they get together to attempt anything to find him alive and well.

It's an experience no one wants to have, yet that's exactly what happened to Nabila Mohamed. After losing her beloved pet Congo, a young Argentinian woman vanished without a trace.

Never leave your dogs in the care of strangers, Nabila said.

Nabila's life was never the same once Congo was lost. The promise of seeing Congo again kept her alert and strong as she searched for her cub everywhere.

Fortunately, because to the spread of social media, Nabila's long-awaited yearning to be reunited with her beloved pet has come true after months of seeking.

Following this emotional reunion, the young Argentine shared stunning images on her social media platforms, which speak for themselves.

The photographs reveal Nabila and Congo's overflowing excitement after that hug full of love and happiness, which is without a doubt the ultimate manifestation of love.

The young woman from Baha Blanca, Argentina, announced the happy news on social media. After three months of agony, she finally tracked down her pet Congo and wanted to document the precise moment she found him.

After three months of being separated, here is the reunion, Nabila commented alongside the touching photo.

Nabila's delighted image not only alerted her loved ones to the news, but it also caused a sensation on social media. And within a few hours, the magazine had received hundreds of thousands of reactions to the couple's triumphant reunion.

Users on social media expressed their sympathy for Nabila and Congo's plight, exchanging messages of kindness and celebration.

I'll send you a picture later that day. Congo is his name, and I am from Bahia Blanca. It was the most horrible 102 days of my life. Never leave your dogs in the care of others since he had a chip and was still no good! Nabila elaborated.

This young woman's ear-to-ear smile demonstrates that hope is the last thing we should lose in life-threatening situations like the one she faced.

We are celebrating Nabila's reunion with her beloved Congo by sharing her heartfelt photographs.