Woman Saved a Stray Dog 17 Years Ago, and Now She Has to Say Goodbye to Him

We are always impressed by people who rescue and adopt stray pets. These are the people who have the biggest and warmest hearts. The selfless act of devoting time, effort, and shouldering the responsibility of caring for a sick dog deserves our attention and respect.

Jesusita, a woman, is one of these great and great persons. A dog appeared on her doorstep 17 years ago, and when she saw him, she knew they were destined to meet. Jesusita didn't have much, yet she didn't hesitate to take care of the puppy. Solovino, which means "he came alone" in Spanish, was the dog's name. Solovino remains loyal to Jesus. He has never left Jesuita's side since they met. Solovino has been Jesusita's sweet and loving partner for many years.

But time passes, and becoming old is unavoidable. As Solovino grew older, the disease began to appear. He had heavy arthritis and was having difficulty walking. The day arrived when every stride was excruciatingly painful for Solovino. Jesusita didn't want Solovino to be in pain any longer. So, she understood it was time to say goodbye to her devoted companion. Kerry Armstrong, the creator of Home Dog LA, stated that they received a call from a woman in need of assistance in compassionately euthanizing her 17-year-old dog. Home Dog LA is a non-profit organization that assists economically disadvantaged households with their pets. And because Jesusita didn't have much, they realized they had to support her, especially at such a difficult time.

Sandra Shadic, a Home Dog LA member, went to Jesusita's house to assist with the transport of Solovino. But, before they took Solovino to the clinic, they gave him a special treat. The three of them shared a hamburger supper. That was Jesusita's final luncheon with her devoted companion. They took Solovino to the clinic after that. Solovino was put to sleep after Jesusita spoke her sad goodbyes. Solovino, run free... It is difficult and terrible to have our furry closest friends leave us, but it would also be selfish of us to cling to them even if they are in suffering. Solovino had a happy and loving life with Jesusita for 17 years, and that was all that mattered.

Thank you so much to Home Dog LA for assisting Jesusita in putting Solovino to sleep for all eternity. Please send a donation to Home Dog LA if you want to help them with their effort. On their website, you may find more information about the work they do.

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