Woman Who Took Care Of Chained Dog For Over A Year Finally Able To Take Her Home

 After seeing the Akita outside day and night, chained to a tree and without food or water, Laura decided to act.

Takia was first seen by Laura Seymour a year ago. The Akita dog was tethered to a doghouse at the property of a neighbor. She immediately noticed that the dog's bowl was empty of food and water. Despite the dog's size and the fact that they were strangers, Seymour chose to make an introduction. She was taken aback by how kind and well-behaved the dog was. She established a habit of seeing Takia three times a week to provide her with food and water.

Seymour's concern developed in tandem with their friendship. Takia was kept outside day and night in Virginia's pouring rain, severe cold, and scorching summers. She felt so attached to Takia that she considered snatching her in order to save the chained dog from her torment. But Seymour understood it wasn't the way to go. So she phoned animal control, but the police phoned her back to assure her that Takia wasn't being neglected as long as she had food, drink, and shelter. Even so, Seymour returned to Takia for a whole year to assure Takia's well-being. Then, in the summer, Seymour brought Takia's mother over to introduce her to Takia, anxious for Takia's well-being in the hot weather. Seymour's mother pushed her to contact animal control once more. The next day, Seymour received the news she had been waiting for. Takia's owner had turned her in. They asked Seymour if she knew anyone who would be willing to adopt Takia, and she promptly volunteered.

Another neighbor commented on the video, thanking Seymour for his concern and perseverance. “I am very delighted [Seymour] got her!” exclaimed a neighbor on YouTube. “I live next door, and we fed her and phoned animal control, and they all said the same thing about the house. My husband and my sister-in-law across the street would bring her food and drink. So animal control must have assumed the owner was responsible, but they never did.”

Takia now sleeps in a comfortable dog bed instead of sleeping in mud. She is free to go about, play, and be a dog. And, of course, she has received a lot of attention. “There's just something about her, I got incredibly lucky, I truly did,” Seymour said in the video below to The Dodo Soulmates. “It's like she's grateful for everything 100 percent of the time.”