Woman With Fear Of Dogs Adopts Dog That Is Afraid Of People And They Develop A Touching Friendship

Teresa Hwang chose to use her TikTok account to share her touching narrative with her canine companion, Boo. The 51-year-old special education teacher had been bitten twice by dogs, forcing her to be terrified of them for the rest of her life, until she met Boo at a shelter. In turn, he was afraid of people.

The fact that their paths crossed was an unexpected mix that helped them overcome their worries. It was difficult to live together. Teresa and Boo had to take tiny steps and surround themselves with patience and unconditional love to establish trust and create a connection unlike any other. “Sometimes, I can't believe I have a dog, let alone love it as much as I do Boo. He's like the son I never had, I tell people. Not only do I adore him because he adores and requires me. Teresa Hwang said, "I adore him for who he is, just as he is, for everything he has conquered, and for the joy he has given into my life."

Hwang's partner had been requesting a dog for several years, but the serious notion of adopting one came up a couple of years ago, after she cared for her sister's dog, Cola, for two weeks. “After searching and visiting various rescue shelters, we came across a dog named Patches (later renamed Boo) at Niagara Dog Rescue. Boo has been in the system for about 6 months. Originally from Texas (two other shelters and at least one additional foster family there),” Hwang explained.

According to the shelter, Boo would not do well in a house with a lot of noise, activity, or children, but he was fine with other dogs. He was regarded as a "prince of a dog" because he was shy, but if given a loving home, he could display his true potential. He reminded Theresa of Aladdin, who she considered to be a "diamond in the rough."

When they met, Boo came out from behind his foster mother's back and made a few steps toward Teresa. “When I turned to look, he licked my nose before rapidly withdrawing and hiding behind his foster mother again,” she explained.Teresa's foster mother was taken aback and exclaimed, "Wow. That's unusual; he doesn't approach people. I suppose he chose you.” All of my catastrophic and self-critical anxieties about my security over my capacity to overcome my dread that had grown in the weeks leading up to this day faded away at that same moment. If making a link required a leap of faith, I knew it was a sign. Teresa explained, "I had to take him home."

Their relationship had a difficult start. “He didn't seem to get too involved. He followed me throughout the house, but he couldn't get near enough to me. He refused to eat in front of us. He refused to play with toys. He'd stroll about with his tail between his legs. He used to stroll a lot. In the corners, he shrank. When he heard noises like the washing machine or the oven, he would shudder and shudder" Teresa said.


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But they now have a lovely life together. They're practically inseparable now. Teresa, like Boo, has learned a lot. She isn't terrified of her tiny dog, but she does get uncomfortable around other people. “Watching Boo heal and mature has altered my perception of myself. Taking care of Boo taught me patience and unconditional love.”


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