You Helped This Scared Pit Bull Become A Lovable Couch Potato


When you buy something from the iHeartDogs store, a portion of the proceeds goes to GreaterGood. GreaterGood is a fantastic organization that provides many animals with a second chance at life. Thanks to generous consumers like you, many canines have been rescued from dangerous situations. Scrumpy, a Pit Bull mix, is one of such dogs.

Scrumpy was only a puppy when he was discovered in an abandoned house in Porterville, California. He had most likely not eaten in days and was dangerously underweight. He was also unclean and wary. He was terrified even by the touch of a human hand. Despite this, the Porterville Animal Shelter was able to save him with enough patience and incentives.

He stayed at the shelter for a long, but he was almost imperceptible there. No one was willing to give him a chance because he was so quiet and timid. Scrumpy's situation was exacerbated by the fact that he was alone in an unfamiliar shelter. Fortunately, START Rescue arrived to save him. Start's transportation was financed in part by a Greater Good grant funded by the iHeartDogs community. They were able to transport Scrumpy to Oregon, where his chances of adoption were much better. Scrumpy didn't realize it at the time, but his life was about to change dramatically.

SafeHaven was a partner of START and helped Scrumpy when he arrived in Oregon. He quickly started to feel more safe and less afraid of the world. He was ready to go to his forever home after approximately a month. Scrumpy has since been adopted and is living his best life. He's even gained the requisite weight. The best thing is that he is a part-time couch potato, which has been his goal since he was a puppy. This adorable Pit Bull has finally gotten the life he deserves!

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