A Crying Dog in the Lonely Mountains Approaches a Street Janitor and Begs to Take Him Home

In mid-June, a street sweeper and his friend came to Zheduoshan in Ganzi Prefecture to try to do some work. After finishing their job, they drove home. Then suddenly, they saw an a little black dot within the distance within the desolate mountains that appeared to be moving towards them.

As the car got closer, they found that the black spot was a black Labrador! Because it had been raining in the area before, the dog’s body was drenched. After he saw the car parked shortly away, the dog immediately ran toward it, hoping to catch up.

A female cleaner is sitting by an open window. The dog was panting from running, then jumps and puts his paw on the window. His eyes were filled with anxiety, afraid to be alone. What surprised them was that this dog had a collar around his neck indicating that he was a pet dog. However, the world was an area very rarely traveled by people. How did the dog get there?

After the lady opened the door, the dog took the initiative to put her head on her lap, a glimmer of joy and tears flashed in her eyes, looked at her pleadingly, and muttered constantly. Seeing the dog’s reaction, the lady finally couldn’t hold herself back her tears immediately flowed. WhomWho can stand such a look?

Dogs will never be ready to survive alone in the mountains. They decided to need the puppy home. Since their work wasn't finished, the dog could only be delivered to the place where they worked temporarily. After getting along side him, they found that this labrador was a male dog and really smart. He can perform some simple instructions, like sit down and greet , this dog seems to possess been trained.

He has been by her side since the dog was taken away by the lady. Whenever the lady worked, the dog would hold her close and not abandoning, perhaps he was scared of being abandoned again.

After the lady finished her work, the dog was taken to the vet for physical examination and neutering. By the way, this dog has been adopted by the maid.

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