A Human Cut Out His Tongue, But This Adoptable Pup Still Gives Kisses

 “What’s remarkable to me, given what he’s been through, is that he’s not even remotely scared of people. Everybody who comes by, he’s thrilled about.”

Heart Hell Bull got his name for his lovely, kind-hearted demeanor. He adores every human he meets, but because it seems, humans weren’t always nice to him. Someone spotted an innocent bulldog wandering the streets of Philadelphia. They said he was disoriented, covered in puncture wounds, and missing his tongue. So, the type soul rushed the ill canine to ACCT Philly, which is that the only open-admission shelter in the city.

Now Heart has recovered and is working hard to find a special forever home to provide him with the love he deserves. Once he received ACCT Philly, vets examined Heart’s health. Sadly, they discovered that his tongue had been deliberately cut off, and it probably happened recently. His stabbing seemed to come from a dog, so when he walked past the strange canine teeth, his heart was very scared. However, he still has great confidence in humans.

Sarah Barnett, the director of development and communications at ACCT Philly, said this is often one among the worst cases of abuse the shelter has seen. Still, she reminds others that rather than questioning why someone would do something so horrible, they ought to specialize in the dog’s future instead. Therefore, Barnett needs to work hard to find a family for Hart. But it wasn’t easy. “There were no fosters available anywhere. Every rescue is struggling to seek out fosters immediately since many of the people that fostered in 2020 now want to be out taking vacations,” Barnett said.

So, with the help of donations from PAWS and ACCT Philly’s Yoda Fund, Barnett was readied to foster Heart herself. Barnett has experience working with special needs dogs, and she or he knew Heart would have some challenges, but she decided to assist him in any way she could. In Need of Loving Home, The biggest challenge Heart faced in his family was eating. Without a tongue, the food would often fall out of his mouth and make a multitude when he tried to eat. After many trial and error, Barnett learned that he could eat just fine if given dry food during a raised bowl. Now, Heart is in a position to eat all on his own, but he often needs someone to wash up after him.

All the Heart’s wounds are fully healed now, so he’s trying to find the family of his dreams. Barnett believes that he will do his best in a home where there are no other pets, where he can have a lot of space to play and play. He’s not picky about humans though, and he adores children. So, Barnett is shocked that nobody has scooped up the sweet pup yet.

“He’s getting to need somebody who’s getting to be a pacesetter for him and be his rock — basically help him still learn the world’s not super scary,” Barnett said. “What’s remarkable to me, given what he’s been through, is that he’s not even remotely frightened of people. Everybody who comes by, he’s very thrilled about.”

Without a tongue, Heart will likely get hot much faster than other dogs since he can’t fully pant. But despite his especial needs, he’s an exquisite dog who will give his humans all the love in the world. He even cuddles and tries to offer kisses, which for him means he just likes to nuzzle his face against someone. It’s the sweetest thing ever!

If you think Heart might be suitable for you, please apply for him immediately! The shelter also welcomes applicants from outside Pennsylvania.

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