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A Puppy Escaped from a Shelter and Visited the Grave of Its Owner; The Crying Puppy was Recorded on TikTok

 It is said that LOVE lasts even beyond death. When loved ones depart from this life, it doesn't mean that their memory is gone from the minds and hearts of these who love them. However, one particular incident happened when it had been discovered that the one who missed its human father is his one and only precious pet dog.

Yes, these loyal creatures skills to like even after death! Image credit: Zoorprendente!

Through her account on TikTok, a lady shared what might be the foremost heartbreaking video, so far.

The sad puppy received a cemetery and heads straight to the grave where his deceased owner is buried. Surprisingly, the dog isn't mistaken, and when he received his resting place, he mourned the departure of his human father.


Apparently, the puppy is currently living during a shelter but escaped to go to his former owner, who lost his life a couple of months ago. The video was unclear on how the human passed, but it became known that he was a victim of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“The pandemic has left countless pets without a family. Your owner is here, right here,” you'll read and hear it within the short video.

The pandemic left countless pets without a family. Image credit: Zoorprendente!

In the video, you'll see the puppy lying over its owner’s grave, together with his heart shattered and missing his owner considerably .

If it's difficult for humans to simply accept the departure of a beloved , it's worse for a loyal pet who was taken care of by his human parents for therefore a few years .


Who can inform them that they need not been abandoned, but were left behind by their owner’s passing?

Like this tiny puppy, some pets fail to get over the passing of their human parents and sometimes visit their graves, like a desolate kitten in China who spends her days staying at the cemetery of her human father.

Although the person has been deceased for years, the cat doesn't leave his grave. Image credit: Zoorprendente!

The bond and loyalty that some animals have with their owners are unconditional, and for them, there's nothing that matters quite the love and care they receive.

Whether dogs, cats, horses, birds, or lizards, animals have the facility to reply with much gratitude to those that have loved them. If you've got taken care of a pet for quite a while , they're going to offer you their loyalty until you pass, as long as you never abandon them.