Abandoned Puppy Refused To Leave The Plum Box They Found Him In

 The office found an underweight and abandoned bulldog curled up in a plum box. They were going to take him to a safe rescue, but the puppy refused to leave the plum box.

In a video by The Dodo, animal welfare workers describe how the small pit bull named Plum was sweet-hearted and friendly, but wouldn’t allow anyone to require him from the plum box he was found in.

The puppy appeared to find comfort and security in his box, maybe even a way of belonging or home. They shared a photograph of the small pup curled in his box on his first day at the shelter on his official Instagram page, @plumpelstiltskin_.

Plum was taken in by the LifeLine Animal Project, where staff worked on gaining the small pup’s trust. After a while, Meihua began to trust the people who helped him, and gained a sense of comfort and security. He finally got out of his box and began to explore!

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Speaking with The Dodo, an employee of LifeLine Animal Project said that he quickly bonded with the workers at the organization and that they decided to start his Instagram page. After posting for only a month, they found a possible adopter! There was only one problem, which was that the adopter had another dog and Plum didn’t always had best with other dogs. However, after taking the plum blossoms and satisfying the opposite dog, it seemed just right. That meant Plum had found his forever home!

They shared the news on Instagram, saying, “I’M ADOPTED! because of all my friends who helped me along the way and stay tuned for updates from me in my wonderful new life!” Plum continued to grow, gained weight, and began to thrive with his forever family. It’s so sweet to see his transformation in the video below:

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