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Badly Injured Dog Gets Rescued Just In Time

 They got closer to see on the dog and realized that she was seriously injured and had a rotten eye. She was almost unconscious, so Ermioni had to carry her tight on her arms and lifted her up from the bottom . She then put the dog at the rear seat of the car and immediately drove to a vet clinic.

After checking, the vets said that she had an old fracture in her jaw. She also had a rope tied round her chest and a few open wounds on her body. The vets knew that they couldn’t save her eye because it was badly injured. that they had no choice but to get rid of it to save lots of her life. She was so weak that she was unable to eat and drink by herself.

Because of her health problems, she needed to remain at the hospital to urge all medical treatment and care. She then underwent the surgery to get rid of her eye, and it had been successful. because of all the love and care of the staff, she began to show signs of recovery. She was ready to stand on her feet and move around. She could eat and drink without the staff’s help.

After a few of months, she made a full recovery and have become a healthy dog. She was able to be adopted, so Ermioni helped her find a replacement home. Thankfully, an excellent family fell crazy together with her and adopted her. She is now happy to possess a replacement name Honey and have an exquisite life together with her loving owners. We hope that her new life are going to be filled with love and joy forever.

Watch the complete rescue here:

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