Cold And Hungry Dog Waits Patiently For Someone To Save Her

At the vet clinic, Harper was fed to fill her belly up. Dueowing to hunger, she ate quickly as if it were her last meal. The veterinarian then performed some tests to obtain information about her general health and possible diseases. The results showed that she suffered from an intestinal infection that needed to be treated immediately. She was then given a medicated bath to appease the skin and obtain obviate fleas.

Thanks to all the love and care of staff, Harper’s health was improved day by day. Then she was raised by the howling of a dog and began to enjoy her new life. It didn’t take long for her to adapt to her new home and find out how great this life might be. Despite being treated badly, Harper was very friendly and loved humans such a lot. She still waited for an honest person to adopt her and provides her a forever home.


Watch her full rescue here:

The organization understood her wishes and helped her find the ideal home she deserved. Fortunately, a good family in Germany went crazy with her because they saw her rescue video and decided to adopt her. Her adoptive family travelled distance to satisfy her “in person” and take her home. Harper also received a replacement beautiful name: Finya.

Her wonderful house is located in a beautiful area near Munich, surrounded by beautiful countryside, where she can take long walks, and there is a huge garden where she can play all day. We are very happy to learn that she is now living happily with her great master! Enjoy your happy life, Finya!

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