Devoted Dog Dad Invents Clever “Adventure Chariot” For Ailing Senior Pooch

Age is simply a variety and not a mirrored image of a dog’s spirit to measure happily and in the moment. That’s precisely the mantra Donny Marchuk, and his 14-1/2-year-old dog, Sully, share. When Sally became a senior, the hound was not ready to continue traveling long distances with his owner in Calgary, Canada. However, Donny decided that he would keep Sully’s spirits up and help him live his best life.

In addition to his arthritis and laryngeal paralysis, Donny still has the will to hold out with his dad and be outdoors. Donny fashioned a child’s stroller into an “adventure chariot” and places Sully in it for outdoor adventures and fun. “The chariot, I borrowed from a lover, and once during a while we borrow a ski attachment and that we go snowshoeing , So walks and mountain adventures are on tap this winter thus far ,” the dog dad said.

Sometimes, Donny and Sully choose short sprints around the neighborhood, but other times they are going out into nature for snowy walks together. The loyal dog father saw the smiles on the faces of those walking or jogging because they glanced at Downey who was so proud of his chariot. He says that the reaction from strangers has been the simplest a part of everything.

He promises to walk around outside with Sully until he's physically unable toto so anymore . Before that, he gave Sally all his eyes and love, and made sure he reciprocated all the love Sally has given it to him. Press play on the video below to enjoy this dynamic duo in action.

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