Dog saves man’s life whose neck was broken and left to die in cold

Dogs are our true friends, and they prove it from time to time. Sometimes, they even saved human lives.

Like the hounds here, Kelsey proved his loyalty to his parents. His parent Bob from Michigan slipped on ice and broke his neck outside his house. Though he shouted for help yet nobody was ready to hear him as his nearest neighbor was a few quarter-mile away and it had been 10:30 p.m. It was clear that Bob was during a difficult situation as he wasn't heard by anyone but luckily, he had his furry guardian spirit by his side. When nobody was there to assist him, his dog Kelsey came to the rescue. By morning, Bob’s voice was gone and he couldn't shout for help but Kelsey didn't stop barking.

It was a cold winter and Bob was only wearing his underwear, slippers, and a shirt. He wasn't properly dressed as he only planned to urge a log for his fireplace. Unfortunately, he had to stay outside for 20 hours and thanks to the extreme weather , he was lying paralyzed within the snow. He was alive only due to his furry friend that kept on barking for help and also remained on his side to stay him warm and alert. But within the 19th hour, Bob lost his consciousness. Kelsey did her best and kept trying and barking. Her screeching howl alerted the neighbor and at around 6:30 pm, Bob was found.


In the end, Bob was taken to the hospital directly after being spotted by his neighbors. Bob has now fully recovered, and he hails Kelsey as his hero for saving his life. Salute to this brave dog for saving his parent’s life.

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