Dog waited 8 days for his owner outside the hospital without knowing that she had died

When a puppy meets someone who can get into his heart, it's very difficult to forget that person lightly. This is often why the stories of faithfulness and unconditional love that come from our furry friends always move us, and this point Benito’s case isn't much different.


Come and see the last love this puppy has for his owner. Benito lives in the city of Lambare (Paraguay), and for years was within the care of a lady who definitely stole his heart. Unfortunately, the dog’s years of happiness were clouded the instant the lady caught the deadly virus that affects the planet .


Beni’s human mother became ill with Covid-19. After weeks of treatment and with some complications thanks to COVID, Benito’s owner had to be admitted to the Lambaré Hospital. From then on, this puppy went through a tragic agony, with which he made clear the love he feels for his mother.

The furry man decided to accompany the lady to the entrance of the hospital. Unable to determine her identity, the dog waited outside the emergency room for eight days, which surprised the clinic staff. Benito spent day and night there, hoping to find out his human again, but life played a nasty trick on him: Benito’s mother couldn't bear the virus and lost her life.

From the outskirts of the hospital, the pet dreamed of the person who came back. Everyone was surprised by Benito’s loyalty, who despite the sun and rain didn't leave at any time the vicinity of that door where he last saw his great love. Since his death, the puppy has been outside the hospital for at least 8 days, waiting for its owner. It wasn't until the hospital authorities reported to the foundation that it provided opportunities for furry people.

It wasn’t fair that the dog should end its days on the road. TheThe Marcando Huellas organization saved the beautiful Benito, and now an alternative story must begin. “Some hospital staff took pity on him and gave him the leftover food. But he almost didn’t eat, he's very sad.” Said activist, Patricia Ruiz Diaz, from Marcando Huellas.

Apparently, Benito’s old family didn’t want to need care of him, therefore, the furry one tries to get over the bitter drink at the organization’s shelter. “COVID brings in many victims and a part of them also are pets. Today we were very happy that Benito awakened during a better mood, he was already wagging his tail and walking behind the vet,” Ruiz said.

After the rescue, the veterinarians at Marcando Huellas realized that the puppy wasn't doing well. Benito was evacuating with blood, so the specialists began to assist him regain his health and his spirits.

Fortunately, the puppy is doing far better and his rescuer, Patricia Ruiz Diaz, has made a final, beautiful breakthrough during this case. “He is already fatter, he's a sweet and happy dog. She shares a house with 8 sisters and a couple of brothers. Now he only gets sad on rainy days,” said Patricia. Benito is adopted!

This puppy will once more be proud of his new family and his new name: Rubio, as he was baptized. you'll fondly remember his former owner, but now you'll have the chance to rewrite his story. There’s little question that in unity there's strength, and cases like this demonstrate the importance of helping numerous furry friends who are on the streets. WithinIn the final analysis, the well-being of those sentient beings is the best reward.

Dogs will never stop showing us their loyalty. Rubio may be an obvious example, which is why being abandoned has caused us so much harm.lot. ShareShare this case and send your blessings to the current puppy.

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