Dog Who Has Only Three Paws Overcomes Desperate Situation To Have Happy Life

A puppy in a certain country in the Gambia faced a desperate situation. One of the front paws was injured by himself. His family didn't know what to try to to, because there was no pet clinic near their area.

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust may be a team of animal caretakers who organize pop-up clinics around the country to assist animals in need. Knowing that this was the sole hope for the pup to possess excellent care, the pup’s family came to the set-up to invite help. When they received the pop-up clinic, there was a Vet Nurse named Emily waiting there. She was so shocked when she saw the pup. He was battling a large infection that had damaged his paw. Because he wasn't received any medical treatment, he had turned to be extremely weak.


“He was such a weak soul, that we even considered putting him to sleep thanks to his fat chance of survival.” – Emily, Vet Nurse. The family couldn't afford proper look after him, so they gave him to Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust caretakers. AndSo the team knew that they had to help the puppies as much as possible.

Right after returning to the most clinic, the team made a start of saving the poor puppy’s life. Emily named him Hiccup. She had a robust belief that he could survive. She cared for the feeble dog all day and every one night, trying her best to assist him hold onto his fat chance to a certainmeasure. AsWith the passage of time, coupled with his toughness, Hiccup overcomes his difficult stage. Finally, he was ready to become a spirited dog as his desire. He could join Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust community, and he found himself a member of a gaggle of other rescued dogs.

Hiccup doesn’t leave Emily’s side once they help many patients that come to their clinics. Now, he has two best friends named Simba and Orange. Both of them were also rescued from other life-threatening diseases.

With only three paws, Hiccup can still move around without difficulty. Curiously, Emily and other team members plan to give him a prosthesis when he is fully grown up.up. TheyThey need him to have a full and happy life.

Hiccup is such a strong dog. If you're keen on him and other pups at the charity, follow them here.