Dog Who Suffers From Cancer Has His Skull Replaced With 3D Printed Titanium Skull

Paquis, a 9-year-old dachshund from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It started as a seemingly small lump on her head, and it grew into a huge lump in just a few months. The tumor became very serious and worrisome for Patches and her family, the Canadian Press reports.

Patches’ family was so anxious about her condition. They were wanting to help her get medical attention. The dog’s family sought help from Michelle Oblak, a veterinary surgical oncologist from the University of Guelph. Fortunately, Oblak has long used 3D technology to treat dogs in the absolute best way. A step–by–step process was carefully planned to assist Patches survive this ordeal and provides her a second chance in life.

Vets treat this type of case by removing some of the skull to get rid of the tumor, then replacing the removed part by a 3D printed titanium cap. The CT scan is performed to facilitate accurate measurement of printing. Oblak and her team started a replacement procedure for Patches. The 3D printed skull was perfectly fitted for his or her furry patient. According to the researchers, it had been accurate and fewer expensive than other procedures. Researchers were ready to get the precise measurements of the 3D skull also because the hole for the screws.

The representative has been sent to ADEISS, a medical 3D printing company that makes titanium skulls for Patches. The canine patient endured a four-hour surgery to get rid of her skull and completely eliminate the tumor in the dog’s head. The 3D titanium skull covered 70 percent of its head. A happy ending was meant to happen for this pup. Only half an hour after the surgery, Patches awakened and walked as if nothing had happened. Oblak happily reported that the procedure went well and thus the 9-year-old pup is now cancer-free.