Dogs Wait For Hours Outside Hospital Waiting For Their Homeless Owner To Come Back

 One night, Luiz suffered a stroke and had to be rushed to the hospital. The dogs chased the ambulance, and once Luiz was taken inside, six dogs waited outside the hospital.

Luiz may be a homeless man. He lives on the streets of Cianorte City in Parana, Brazil, and he has been homeless for 20 years.

Louis was diagnosed with mental illness, but he refused medical help. He lives on the streets alone, but he's never lonely. There are many friends who accompany him. Several of his friends are from a family of dogs. He followed Louis wherever he went. One night, Luiz suffered a stroke and had to be rushed to the hospital. The dog is chasing the ambulance. After Louis was taken in, six dogs were waiting outside the Santa Casa Hospital.

You may hear the dog crying and howling at the door. After a while, they lay on the bottom and refused to leave. It was a touching scene for those at the hospital. The dog waited patiently for Louis and stayed there for several hours.

After getting treated, Luiz left through a special door and didn’t see the dogs. He was delivered to his brother’s house after getting discharged.

However, the dog was still waiting for him, so one of the volunteers reunited Louis with the dog. The dogs are very happy to meet Louis, this is such a heartwarming moment for everyone.

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