Family Moves Away After Selling Their House, Tells Loyal Dog She’s Not Coming

 She waited alone in the empty house for weeks hoping her family would come back for her. But they never showed up.

It’s disturbing to think that some owners think it’s okay to go away pets behind while moving away. When a family was preparing to maneuver into their new home, they were very clear that they didn’t want their dog, Madison, in their new home. They simply sold the house and let the dog starve and rot in the empty land.

When the real estate agent came to inspect the house, he found a panicked Madison in horror. eagerly waiting inside for her humans to return back for her. For several weeks, the agent fed Madison and hoped that the family would do something about her. Finally, he realized that the dog had been abandoned forever. So, he contacted the rescue group “Hope For Paws.”

When the rescuers arrived to urge Madison, the pooch immediately bolted off to cover between two walls. She didn’t want to go away with the rescuers, as she believed that she should await her family’s return. After some struggle, Madison had a painful realization that her family didn’t want her. She hung her head in defeat as she processed the betrayal, and followed the rescuers soon after.

Madison was covered in fleas and ticks after weeks of neglect. The rescuers gave her a serious bath. After being fostered for a short time, Madison found her forever home with a loving woman who dotes on her! We thank everyone who helped this sweet pooch accept dignity again! Click the video below to see Madison’s traumatizing rescue after she was abandoned by her owners.