Fosters Take In Blind Pitbull And One Day She Sees Them For The First Time

 The moment she regains her eyesight and sees her new family is so beautiful to watch.

We take many things for granted-such as long days, good sleep, and a perfect feeling of work. For some people, these are the things they dream of. Feeling the planet from a special perspective is simply a story told to them.

Just like Hazel, a pit bull who lived most of her life blind and who doesn’t skills the planet seems like. She only navigates places and things through her sense of hearing, feeling and smell. That didn’t stop her from discovering the planet, however. Fortunately, Hazel's adoptive parents, Elli and Sam, are willing to help her discover this vast world.

They share with the animal channel The Dodo: “When we heard Hazel was blind, we wanted to form sure we did some research. We tried to quit find out the simplest way for her to urge her bearing.” To help her during this endeavor, Elli and Sam devised a comprehensive system to deal with Hazel’s visual challenges.

They employed sound cues where they’d say “no” if Hazel is heading to somewhere dangerous or calling her attention to signal her to return close. They also fixed a safe environment for her, where she can move around without hitting corners or hard surfaces. When it comes to roaming, Hazel is definitely an explorer, though she’s blind. The furniture was moved around to provide her with walking space. The other parts are tucked away at the edges to provide her with space for navigation.


With other sharper senses, she determined where things were and where she should go. This safe environment helped tons, especially when Hazel wasn’t as comfortable around them. Suddenly, her tail was wagging enthusiastically and she or he began twiddling with toys she’d otherwise ignore at the start of her stay. But her insistence on Ellie and Sam is temporary. For them, the goal is to find a permanent home for Hazel.home. An area where she will be accepted and loved.

Good thing for her, it didn’t take long before she met Allison and Pete. “Mr. Bones & Co. put out a message that Hazel needed a home. But also, that at some point, within the timing that we were getting to have her, she was getting to enter for surgery to revive her sight.” The idea excited Allison and Pete because, for them, they’re not only taking care of a gorgeous dog, but they’re also getting to witness this big change in her life. They almost saw her seeing the planet again for the first time in years.

Even when she was just recovering, the changes were like night and day. The once timid dog is suddenly excited about everything-even the most important household items and furniture. She was also super excited to finally see the people that are taking care of her. She is always smiling, with a big smile on her face for hours. Hazel didn’t just get her sight back. She restored the arrogance that she lost when she was meandering the planet darkly. But during this new chapter of her life, she will enjoy the sights of the planet and thus, the love that comes along side it.

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    Wonderful new life ahead !!


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