Grandpa Makes Custom Raincoat For Dog To Make Sure It Doesn’t Catch A Cold

Those of us who own or have owned pets know how special they are. We will do our best for them. We treat them as though they were human children. So, if you need to protect them from the weather, you'll do anything you can to make them feel at ease. Take, for example, this man.

An anonymous man recently took a picture of him while sheltering his dog from the rain-this lovely moment quickly went viral on the Internet. When they went out to ride a bicycle, heaven must have opened up and began to flood. Fortunately, the man had an umbrella to shelter himself from the rain, but the dog was getting wet! After pulling over, the man devised a plan to keep his beloved dog warm and dry. Bring out the raincoat!

There happened to be a shop nearby, so the man parked the car under the awning. He rushed in and bought an ordinary poncho to put on his dog. He took sure to keep his hound's muzzle outside for fresh air as he wrapped the plastic poncho around him. What about the rest of him? I'm encased in the poncho!


The best part about these photographs is that the dog doesn't seem to mind. He seemed to comprehend that his owner is merely attempting to assist him and keep him dry. What a precious moment that was captured on film. Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time a similar conduct has been recorded on tape. Another elderly man protecting his dog from the rain using a very similar technique was seen on video in Davao City, Philippines! This time, the dog was given a cute cap to wear. It's impossible not to cry when you watch it.


”It happened around 10 a.m. last Saturday. “My husband and I went to Agdao market in Davao City, and I spotted an old man with a bike and a dog standing next to him,” said Alice Nacion Tumbali, who recorded the video below. “I was captivated, and my focus was on the Dog. Owing to the rain, I felt sorry for the dog, and to my astonishment, the old man carried his dog and placed him in the carrier basket of his bike. ”Then, I watched the old man pull out a plastic bag and use it to cover his dog like a raincoat, which piqued my interest, and that's when I started recording. It was incredible affection and care.”


According to onlookers, the elderly man appeared to be destitute but had no difficulty sharing his resources with his animal best buddy. It was yet another example of the wonderful affinity that exists between humans and animals. ”I hope this movie inspires all humans to genuinely love and care for their pets,” Alice remarked. Watch the video below to see the magical moment. Nothing compares to the bond between a human and their pet. It's so heartwarming to see. Please SHARE this with your friends and family.


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