Homeless Dog Wanders Through Market Looking For Someone To Save Him

Lion was one of China’s many homeless dogs. He wandered in the street market during the day and slept on the shelf of the market stall at night.

No one really considered helping the homeless. That’s because China is crawling with them. A 2019 article in China Monologue estimates there to be 40 million stray dogs in the country, about 20 percent of the worldwide population of strays. A local reporter notices the pup, filmed him, and posted his story on social media. When the Northeast Animal Rescue learned about Lion’s struggle, they tracked down the reporter to find out if they might locate Lion.

Though he wasn’t where the video had shown him to be, Lion was eventually found, though it had been dark and in the middle of the night. “In China, there are more stray dogs than you'd imagine. you'll see tons a day in roads, residential areas, factories, parks, and countryside. We actually don’t have the power to save lots of all the dogs we encounter . we've to save lots of the young, the weak, and therefore the endangered first,” Northeast Animal Rescue reports.

China Dialogue said this was caused by farm breeding and non-sterilization. Most pets in China come from breeders. “These farms are just breeding factories. The animals aren’t cared for in the least . They’re just kept alive,” Deng Muxing told China Dialogue. “Cats and dogs kept for breeding spend their entire life in cages and females are given injections to stay them in heat. Animals that go unsold can still turn a profit: they're kept in captivity and their blood is harvested purchasable to vets,” Cai Chunhong says.

Owning a pet in the country is like owning a luxury handbag. “They’re not keeping pets because they love pets, but because it’s trendy. They don’t keep them long before finding it an excessive amount of work and abandoning the pets. Many pets find yourself as strays.”

No one disinfects the vagrant, which is considered the best cause of the vagrant craze. The Northeast Animal Rescue says that Lion is now living a cheerful and healthy life since he’s been rescued. Their video shows him looking cleaned up and frolicking in some grass with the people in shirts with the organization’s name thereon .

“We are a regional homeless animal rescue organization, has been committed to the homeless animal rescue, treatment, shelter, provide suitable living conditions for animals, to make sure that every animal can receive adequate nutrition food and warm and cozy accommodation. Here, the animals are not any longer lonely and melancholy, they're enjoying the playfulness of their companions, they will be cared for by the staff, and an outsized number of volunteers are constantly coming to go to them. All of this has made our institution referred to as an animal sanctuary,” their website says.

The China-based animal rescue’s website is in English and may be found here. The organization was also featured on The Dodo, however, we couldn’t confirm any longer details about the organization and the way they spend their funds so use your own discretion before donating to the present organization or any organization.

You can watch Lion’s rescue within the video below.

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