Homeless Man Sees Stray Dog Hit By Car And Jumps Into Action To Save Him

We can’t anticipate when an accident will occur, especially on the road. Perhaps one day, the animal will suddenly rush to the front of the car, leaving the driver with no room for reaction. When this happens, that person should at least take responsibility. Sad to say, there are many irresponsible drivers who would chase away without remorse, leaving the animal during a fatal condition. ThisThis is often what this homeless man from Mississippi witnessed at some point.

One Friday afternoon, a homeless man happened to witness an unfortunate accident involving a young dog and a car. The dog was hit, but he was lucky to survive. The homeless man tried to chase the car, but it kept on driving. He gave up and turned his attention to the injured dog. The dog couldn’t move both its hind legs, so the man scooped him up and carried him all the thanks to the closest vet.

The Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) received a call from the veterinarian asking if they could pay attention to the injured bulldog they named Howard. ARF kindly accepted the request and took care of him. They began to check its injuries to see if they could save him. “He features a back injury and a broken leg and can require a lengthy hospital stay,” said ARF. But for the person who took him to the vet, it'd are just too late.

Howard is also very gentle and calm, so it may not be a problem to find a suitable home for him after receiving treatment. It took a while for his recovery, but with people’s efforts in donating through ARF, it had been made possible. More than a year had passed since he was taken by the homeless man to the vet, but Howard’s hind legs never recovered. He was then transferred to three Dogs Rescue, one among ARF’s northern partners.

They installed a replacement wheelchair, during which he often wandered in the yard. Although he couldn’t run like other dogs, he was happy enough to tend this second chance in life. He was taken care of by a family. This cheerful dog had endured enough, but because of all the help he received from wonderful people, he finally got the life that he deserved. In October 2020, 3 Dogs Rescue celebrated because a unprecedented family welcomed Howard into their lives.

“TODAY may be a little phenomenal for Howard. TODAY Howard was adopted by his extraordinary foster family! Only the simplest days are ahead for this boy!” 3 Dogs Rescue wrote on their Facebook page. If you're curious about seeing Howard and his new family, you'll join them on Howard’s social media accounts, @chronicles_of_Howard on both Instagram and TikTok. Surely, you wouldn’t want to miss his cheerful smile as he spends time with his family.