Horribly Abused Dog Adopted By Famous Soccer Player

He not only abandoned, he was abandoned in the most terrible way people could come up with.

Sometimes, what people do to their pets is so ghastly that would make us question humanity. Believe it or not, there are still countless animals in this world facing the worst treatment from their owners every day.day. These humans are alleged to love them and look out of them, but they find yourself mistreating them and abandoning them instead.

This may be a tragic example of Merlot in Argentina. The dog during this story wasn't only abandoned, he was abandoned in the most terrible way people could come up with. After suffering enough physical abuse, the poor dog was tied to a tree in the middle of nowhere, lying with plenty of trash with no access to food or maybe water for days. His cruel owner clearly wanted to form sure nobody could find and help him out.

Thankfully, despite such harsh intentions, the Dogo Argentino was still spotted by some people living nearby. They wanted to save lots of the dog but approaching him was almost impossible after his awful experience with the so-called “human,” so they contact a non-governmental organization in the area and their representative Macarena Medina quickly jumped into action to require the pitiful boy out. He was so aggressive that they even had to calm him down to calm him down.

With the help of social networks, the canine was adopted by former athlete “La Brujita” Juan Sebastian Veron, who was living with no kids or other pets' reception and also had experience together with his breed. To Macarena’s surprise, the brave survivor acted sort of a brand-new dog when he first met his new owner.

The famous player let his fans named his new pal, and now he's called “Ramón.” it had been an extended journey for Ramen, but we’re all glad that this boy has transformed into a healthy and happy doggo with the proper man.