Kayakers Discover Scared Senior Dog Missing Since July 4 Fireworks

Shakira Sias is hesitant to kayak with her brother and sister-in-law Jessica Rose on Iowa’s Chariton River.

Like our Facebook page to urge more stories. They weren’t sure if the weather was getting to delay. But they decided to only choose it. One dog owner is extremely grateful that they did since their kayaking trip led to the rescue of her dog Ethyl.

“Thankfully, we did because not even 20 minutes into our trip there was a brush pile and that I had just searched and into the river bank and that I had seen a white outline and it had been Ethyl’s face,” Sias told KYOU News. Ethyl may be a 10-year-old boxer who had gone missing six days prior on July 3rd after running far away from being spooked by some fireworks.

Rose and her husband fought against this so as to succeed in the dog who seemed to be weak, hungry, tired, dehydrated, and covered in ticks and scratches. She also had a limp. Once they found Ethyl, they were lucky.

“If she had tried to urge down further to urge a drink from the river she wouldn't are ready to revisit up. She would’ve been caught in a frenzy within the brush pile and drowned,” Shakira said. The couple was ready to pull Ethel to safety who was found about 5 miles from her home. Ethyl’s, mom Kim Hindley told KYOU News that Ethyl was an indoor dog. When she ran away, she had already walked so far, which surprised her.

“Sunday night is once we got home and she or he or he was gone and that we went looking everywhere for her yelling until about 2 AM within the morning and she didn’t come, so I knew she went further than up Capitol Hill ,” Hindley said. Rose ended up floating down the river with Ethyl for about four hours before they were finally ready to find an area where they might get off of the river.


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“She was shaken and scared,” Rose told KCCI. “But I don’t realize two hours later she was standing up. She was happy. She appeared to actually quite like floating down the river.” Poor Ethyl was shaking but eventually calmed down enough to take a seat and drink some water Ethyl Thankfully, her collar and tag were all worn on her so that they were ready to contact Hindley.

Hindley had her son meet the rescue team at the top of the river since she was away at a marriage. EthylEthyl has been dehydrated and tick-treated, and it is fine now. Since then, she’s been reunited with her mom and has been eating well since it's believed that went without eating the whole time she had been missing. Rose ended up posting their rescue of Ethyl on TikTok where it ended up going viral. Several local news outlets also picked up their story. Hindley says she is extremely grateful to her dog’s rescuers and that they are getting to meet soon.


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