Little Girl Can’t Stop Crying Tears Of Joy When Her Lost Dog Is Finally Found

He went missing in May in San Antonio, Texas and his family was afraid that they might never see him again. That was until Deputy Perez of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office received a call Several dogs were found wandering in the nearby area. Perez remembered a lost dog flyer that had been up at the substation trying to find Max. When Perez received the scene where the dog was found, the dog was actually Max! He called the family directly to verify that it had been their dog, and that they were soon reunited.

No one knows how Max survived there alone, but his family is happy to bring him back. His two human sisters were especially grateful for the reunion; one couldn’t stop crying tears of joy and hugging Max when the dog was returned to them.

Little Max is now safe and sound back home because of Perez and then the good Samaritan who made the decision about spotting him in the neighborhood. Dogs are family, and once they go missing, it's heartbreaking. After the sheriff’s office posted about the sweet reunion of Max and his family on Facebook, the post went viral — being shared over 1,500 times.

“Man, to ascertain these little girls’ faces is priceless!” one commenter said. “These little critters have major impacts on our hearts. ManyThank you very much to Police Officer Perez for sending their children back to the family. Much like to you!” The story is one that warmed the hearts of the many online. TheThe little girls are obviously happy to be back with their allies—all thanks to a kind officer. “We got to see more stories of police doing good,” another commenter said on the post. “This warms my heart.”

The sheriff’s office was even as glad to find out the reunion — and it’s clear that Max was over the moon also . Now, he’ll not need to worry about where he will get his next meal or sleeping alone outside on the streets.

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“Max and his family were reunited and as you'll see on the children’s faces, they might not be happier,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook. ” Thank you to Deputy Perez for facilitating this reunion!”