Malnourished Dog Rescued From Dogfighting Ring Experiences Love For The First Time

Meet Mauka, a bulldog who was asked to be eliminated in the first few years of her life, but became a fanatical companion after experiencing love. She is the spokesperson for our 5th annual Shelter Dish, which raises funds to provide balanced meals for animals in protected areas across the United States.

Rescuers from Cedartown Pet Rescue Education & Sterilization (CARES) conserved 107 pets from an illegal dogfighting ring. Severely malnourished pets are locked outdoors and cannot recognize light touches. Even so, when rescuers arrived a skeletal pit bull come across wagging her tail– this is often the pet dog they named Mauka. She was covered in wounds from previous battles also as in hopeless requirement of beneficial food.

Mauka was taken in by TREATMENTS and fed nutritious food as she experienced love for the very first time. Soon after arriving, she developed a high fever and began to vomit. She was provided to the veterinarian and determined to be Babesia. It had been treatable, however, the meds were expensive. The rescue said her life mattered and waged therapy.

Thanks to the donations of generous people, and the cash they saved by receiving donated pet food, the shelter is ready to provide all the necessary veterinary treatment. Food isn't only vital, but one among the most important expenses for shelter.’s The Rescue Financial Organization helped fill this gap, ensuring that pets waiting for their permanent residence, such as Maoka, always have a full belly.

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