Miranda Lambert Loses 2nd Dog In Bonded Sibling Pair After Just 9 Months

 “We lost Waylon last October but we got to have Jessi just a little longer.”

Country music star and two-time Grammy winner Miranda Lambert has announced sad news. Her precious dog, Jessi, has given up the ghost at 13 ½ years old. She shared the news on Instagram, writing, “Today we had to mention goodbye to our sweet Jessi.” The loss comes just 9 months after the passing of Jessi’s littermate, Waylon. Lambert and her mother found Jessi and Waylon on an Oklahoma roadside in the middle of a sleet storm in 2008 when the pair was just six-weeks-old.

Jessi and Waylon went on to become the inspiration behind the MuttNation Foundation, a rescue founded by Lambert and her mom in 2009 and dedicated to saving dogs in need. Though Jessi's dogs are gone now, they’ve left Lambert with a heart filled with love and memories. Driving on a road in Oklahoma in the cold autumn, Lambert did not expect to find a pair of golden puppies. Of course, as a dog lover, she rescued the pair, a touch boy and girl in need of a mom. She referred to them as Waylon and Jessi because of the selected albums being played at the time. “We were taking note of the ‘I am Jessi Colter’ album. That’s how they got their names,” Lambert shared.

Jessi Colter is the wife of Waylon Jennings. With this album, both puppies have found their names, and at the same time they have found one of the simplest dog mothers around them. But no matter how great mom often is, the dog still needs to go. When she died, Jesse and Wellen reunited in a place where there was no pain or suffering. “We lost Waylon last October but we need to have Jessi just a touch longer,” Lambert explained. “But the reality is that they belong together. They always have. I know she missed him very much and we are very grateful to have had overtime .”

Jessi and Waylon were found together in their lives and found each other again on the Rainbow Bridge. Read Lambert’s heartbreaking goodbye to Waylon and learn just what a tremendous brother Jessi had in life. you'll also find out how Lambert planted a tree in tribute to Waylon. As Jessi left, Miranda shared, “We sent her off with the song ‘Storms Never Last’ from an equivalent record she heard playing the primary time I put her in my truck.” Certainly, a fitting tribute to a dog who brought her heart such much joy.

After being rescued, Jesse and Warren spent their lives under the care of the Animalia Health & Wellness and VRSM medical teams in Franklin, Tennessee. Lambert thanked them for the “extra years we wouldn’t have had with Jessi and Way and I’m so grateful.” These chews contain our best quality Cannanine™ CBD oil, which is a super easy-to-use form that dogs love!

Mom to Jessi for over 13 years and always a dog lover, Lambert said, “I can’t put into words what a dog’s love does to a heart. But if you've got one you already know.” Lambert understands the magic of dogs also because the pain of losing them, writing, “It’s so hard to allow them to go but the love is worthwhile .”