Missing dog hasn’t seen dad in 8 years but recognizes him on the spot in emotional reunion

 Stevie Rodger and his family had given up hope of finding their lost dog Kavik after 8 long years. Then they received a call they never thought they would.

Stevie Rodgers knows both the heartbreak of losing pets and the joy of reuniting with them years later. In 2012, Stevie asked his two dogs, Kavik and Konan, to go to the toilet in his yard in Scotland.

Unfortunately, the dogs snuck off his property and wandered onto a sheep farm. The farmer shot both dogs, killing Konan. Kavik was wounded but ran away. When Stevie and his family went trying to find him, however, the frightened and injured dog was nowhere to be found.

Stevie tries to seek out Kavik. Stevie and his family did everything they might to locate Kavik. They scoured the world and put up a posting on “Dog Lost” that read: “Kavik is his daddy’s boy and should not come when called by another person. If you see him please call either of those numbers immediately with the situation you've got seen him in. He are going to be scared and should be in need of Veterinary attention. Many thanks considerably .”

The family believes that Kavik is dead. The family was already mourning the loss of Konan and that they believed that Kavik had likely died also. He was wounded and alone. It didn’t seem likely that he had survived. Then, some 8 years later, the family received a call from Lost Dogs Scotland that a dog matching Kavik’s description had been spotted 300 miles away in Birmingham.

A German shepherd found matched Kavik’s description. Kavik had been picked up by staff at a pet food store in Birmingham. He is in a state of liberation and is looking for food. Before contacting Stevie, he was taken to a dog shelter in an area.

When Steve received the decision, he was ecstatic. “I honestly couldn’t believe it once I got the decision saying Kavik had been found,” he would later tell Metro. “He was only 18-months-old when he went missing and to be honest although we searched for him for months I had given up all hope of seeing him again.” As soon as Stevie could, he began to Birmingham to select up Kavik, though he still wasn’t sure if it had been really him or not.

“I jumped within the car within the morning and drove all the thanks to Birmingham still unsure if it had been my boy.” Kavik and Stevie have an emotional reunion. Stevie said that he knew as soon as he arrived that the dog was Kavik. Eight years later, Kavik still recognized that Stevie came to him.

“When I got there I knew instantly it had been him and that I just burst into tears.” Source: Facebook - Stevie, Rodger Imagine being Kavik. You undergo a traumatic experience and are forced to escape your home. Then finally, after years of struggling, you're reunited with your human, together with your family, and with people that love you considerably .

“He came running over to me and began licking me like he’d seen me just yesterday. it had been a really emotional reunion. I can’t quite believe it’s been quite eight years that he’s been gone but he has settled back in fine,” Stevie told the Metro. 🏡Take out the tissues🥰😍👍 Who remembers Kavik who disappeared in Lanarkshire in 2012?012? AFTEYEARS,EARS HE'S BEEN FOUND in Birmingham!!!Incredibleible ❤❤❤ #reunited #NeverGiveUp pic.twitter.com/62Hfu6PZD4 — Missing Pets GB (@MissingPetsGB) November 18, 2020 Stevie’s daughter Chloe was really young when Kavik went missing. She said she was “speechless” at his return.

“We put up posters everywhere the place and that I just couldn’t stop crying once we couldn’t find him,” she said. “But now they're tears of joy. We are very attentive and happy he's back home where he belongs.” After 8 years, Kavik has been reunited with his family and everybody is thankful he's home.

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