Neglected And Scared Shelter Dog Finally Smiles When He Gets Loving Forever Home

 After hearing about everything he went through, seeing his smile is even more beautiful.

A poor dog named Fenghuang was found to be unwell.unfitness. WhenWhen he was sent to the animal shelter, he was afraid of everything and everyone.

The phoenix was found bumping into a tree with blisters and wounds everywhere. In fact, his condition was so severe that first responders thought Phoenix wouldn’t have a life worth living anymore. He was then placed on a euthanasia list, but luckily, it didn’t need to come that far.

A local rescue group, Litters ‘n Critters Rescue Society from Halifax, Nova Scotia, decided that they might do everything in their power to offer Phoenix a second chance. A fighting chance – because that’s the smallest amount this poor pup deserved. Albeit, they were very determined, they were also very realistic about his chances. “He was in really, really bad shape,” founding father of the rescue organization Shelley Cunningham said to The Dodo. “He was very withdrawn and sad.”

The rescue team then took Phoenix to the veterinarian, who is believed to be able to move with his family. LoriLori Teale and her husband are very happy to invite Phoenix to join until he is adopted. They are already familiar with the great work done by this rescue organization. Earlier, the couple adopted pup Echo from the Litters ‘n Critters, and that they figured that Echo could use a playing buddy for a short time .

Phoenix was extremely frightened of his new environment, probably due to the items he’s already been through as well as his previous owner. Source: Litters 'n Critters Rescue Society The poor puppy was afraid of almost everything, such as passing animals or sudden movements.

“He was scared of everything once we first brought him home,” Lori recollects. “Loud noises would cause him to shake uncontrollably, or he would pack up completely. Even the littlest things would scare him — curtains moving, a cat passing him or something he didn’t notice was suddenly in sight. The phoenix was afraid of sudden movements, raised his hands when he approached, or raised his voice slightly. He would pack up immediately and pancake to the ground .”

However, Phoenix quickly became better because of his new friend Echo. It seems that the duo of Echo and Phoenix was a match made in heaven. These two furry friends got along so well that Phoenix’s fear began to dissolve. When Lori and her spouse noticed their special bond, they decided to adopt Phoenix also and make it permanent. “The initial meeting couldn't have gone any better,” Lori told. “Within the primary 24 hours, they were following one another and that we knew we couldn’t separate them.”

Slowly, but surely, Phoenix began to take the initiative to check again. He is more energetic, seems to enjoy small things more, and is always happy to be with Echo. “I believe it had been the arrogance of Echo that basically helped him calm down and obtain comfortable,” Lori said. “I give her all the credit, honestly.”

The difference between Phoenix at the shelter and Phoenix now couldn’t be any bigger. No longer is Phoenix that scared pup, who doesn’t want to return near humans, but he’s an affectionate four-footer who enjoys all of the eye he receives. Like most other puppies, he also likes to snuggle up with his human friends!

That’s definitely something that Lori and her husband were a touch scared of at first because they were worried that Phoenix wouldn’t bond with either of them. Luckily, those concerns weren’t valid and Phoenix is an integral and unmissable a part of the family. “I will never regret adopting him,” she concluded. “He’s made our home feel complete and brought such a lot laughter into our house.”

It’s wonderful what a touch love and care can do for even the foremost frightened dogs. Phoenix needed someone who would give him the patience and space he needed to grow, and thankfully, he found the proper forever home. If you want to learn more about Phoenix, please check out the video below!

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