One-Eye Dog Abandoned In The Snow Struggles To Survive And Get A New Life

After receiving the call for help, rescuers rushed to rescue many of him. He was then taken to a vet clinic for a check-up. One between his eyes was badly injured that it leaded to a corneal perforation. An X-ray showed that he had a serious head injury and was also cracked. thanks to his serious health problems, he needed to urge injections and painkillers every 4 hours.

The Falcon fell into a state of extreme panic and anxiety. He was stressed and couldn’t eat or drink anything. It had been difficult for the vets and to nurse him back to health, but they tried their best to assist him. Finally, their effort was paid off as Falcon began to show signs of recovery. After 5 days, his pains were gone, so he was ready to eat his own and leave for a walk.

Thank you for your love and care. Falcon is strong enough to leave the vet and go home. He still needs longer to recover fully, but he's able to start his new life. In any case, Falcon had been through, we hope that his new life is going to be filled with joy and love.

Watch the complete rescue here:

Thank you Falcon for teaching us how to be patients  and  how to keep fighting, even within the dark moments of our lives.

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