Owner Tries All They Can To Kill Their Dog, Gets Frustrated When Dog Won’t Die

 The dog's owner spray-painted him, shot him in the head, and then dragged him behind a car to kill him. But when the poor thing "wouldn't die quickly", the owner brought him to the vet to "finish the job".


When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC took during a severely diseased Border collie named Simon, they didn’t know if he would make it. As the scabies worsened, he was in distress, and the fever caused by the infection made him tremble uncontrollably. The shelter suspected that he was the victim of blatant abuse and neglect. After a few days of uncertainty, Simon defeated the death and surprised everyone in the hospital. He still in pain, but he was cheerful as his health was on the mend.

But his soul shivered in horror again when he saw the shelter’s new rescue, a 4-month-old Boxer mix named Sammie. Sammie’s owner had spray-painted him, shot him in the head, then dragged him by a car to kill him. But when the poor thing “wouldn’t die quickly,” the owner brought him to the vet to “finish the job.” The shelter soon acknowledged of things and rescued Sammie from the evil clutches of his owner.

Sammie received emergency surgery, but he was still on the brink of death. When Simon saw Sammie, he immediately knew the dog had been through hell, a bit like him. He took it upon himself to be the sunshine that guided Sammie back to life! As Sammie writhed in pain on the X-ray table, Simon walked up to him and grabbed his paws amorously. With nuzzles and licks, he comforted him and guaranteed him that the pain would get away bit by bit. This easy act of empathy was enough to motivate Sammie to seek out the desire to survive!

Over the weeks, Simon religiously stood by Sammie’s side and helped him through his dark days. Both Simon and Sammie eventually healed well, though they're getting to remain scarred for all times. This abused duo forged a gorgeous friendship despite all the abuse they need been through – and it’s nothing but a miracle! Click the video below to see how Simon and Sammie’s healing friendship helped them breeze through tough times. WARNING: The content of this video could also be disturbing to some viewers.