Poor Puppy With Broken Leg Screams For Help On The Street

With the help of the locals, the rescue team quickly found the pup’s place. However, when the boy saw the rescuers, he was scared and tried to run away. Sadly, his broken leg prevented him from doing this.that. OneOne of the rescuers tried to approach him and hugged him with a warm hug. He wanted to let the pup know that he wouldn't harm him and would help him.

After getting the puppy, the team called him and quickly took him to the veterinary clinic for examination.check-up. ThanksThe boy was malnourished and weak due to living on the street for a few days. The vets gave him sea water and X-rays to see on his broken leg. The results showed that he suffered a broken femur and required emergency surgery. Fortunately, the operation was very successful.


Benny is now receiving treatment in the clinic and is on his way to recovery. he's now ready to rise up and walk on his feet. We are happy to understand that he's having a cheerful life. Not only does he have great people that look out of him, but he also features a ally named Red. We hope that his life are going to be filled with love and joy forever.

Watch the complete rescue here:

Glad that he recovered! Becausefor everyone involved! God bless you!!! If you're keen on this post, please share it with your friends and family members!

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