Pregnant Pit Bull Discarded In A Dumpster Is Rescued In Time To Give Birth In Safety

 Her second chance came just in time.

Holidays usually inspire the best in people, but for some people, it is cruel and seasonless. Last weekend, an unidentified perpetrator threw a pregnant pitbull mother into the trash can.

She was rescued just in time for her seven puppies to be born in a warm, safe environment surrounded by loving and supportive shelter employees. In celebration of her miracle holiday birth story, the beautiful puppy has been named Mary. Officials at the Animal Care and Control Center (RACC) in Richmond, Virginia received a call saying that a dog had been trapped in a trash can in a nearby apartment complex on a cold December. It was a cold night, the temperature was in the thirties.

When they arrived, they discovered that the dumpster's doors were closed and locked, forcing them to enter through the top to get the abandoned puppy. When they got inside, they spotted a Pit Bull who was pregnant and gushing milk. Christie Chipps Peters, director of Richmond Animal Care & Control, according to NBC 12: “Unfortunately, we see horrific things all the time, but this one takes the cake. It is a degree of brutality that must be eliminated.”

Less than 48 hours after arriving at the shelter, Mary finally felt safe enough to take her puppy into this world. She gave birth to seven healthy babies, all of varying degrees of gray and white, just like their mothers. Since then, the eight of them have been resting comfortably and appear to be in good health. Mary's mother is about six or seven years old and has given birth to at least one child before.

According to Peters, Mary was rescued from the litter box before it was collected. They were able to provide her with a safe environment to give birth and take care of her puppy. “It's a blessing all around since we don't always have a tremendous win. “With her, we've achieved a huge win,” she said in the piece.


Mama Mary and her puppies will stay in a foster home for at least six weeks before being adopted. Though the puppies are wonderful, Peters hopes Mary will find a family who will adore her as well. Mama and her pups are already available for adoption through RACC. Although everyone at the RACC is relieved that Mary has been rescued, they are left wondering who would do such a thing and why.

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