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Puppy Born With Permanent Smile Stole Rescuer’s Heart And Found Himself An Amazing Family

 Every dog deserves to be cherished but unfortunately not all dogs are lucky enough to urge the love and care that they desperately need, especially those that are born with some disabilities or rare birth defects that make them look quite unusual. Dogs like these are often thrown out right after coming to the present world and need to struggle to survive on their own.

This Pit Bull – Rottweiler mix, thankfully, may be a lucky one. Three years ago, Kaley Carlyle heard that unique pup from the mother dog’s owner. She met him as a rescuer who intended to helped the dog seek medical aid if he needed some and located him a loving home, on the other hand she ended up being his human mom instead.

After taking the dog in, Kaley named him Chupacabra (or Chupey for short) after the mythical monster in Mexican folklore. During 10 years of being heavily involved within the dog rescue world, Kaley had never seen such a special puppy.

Chupey had little or no fur, really small eyes, curved ears, large teeth and an enormous mouth that made him appear as if he was born with a permanent smile. And it’s that bright smile that melted her heart within the blink of an eye fixed , making Kaley fell crazy with the small guy somehow.

Later, they found that his strange look was caused by an additional piece of a chromosome, but it didn’t stop the dog from making the foremost of his life a day . It appeared like the congenital anomaly only affected him physically, not mentally.

Chupey had always been an active and cheerful doggo who wholeheartedly adored his humans, and he was pretty great around other dogs too. Since Kaley was an animal rescuer, she had fostered numerous dogs and Chupey was always a pleasant pal for all of them .

Now three years have passed and Chupey remains the happiest doggo on Earth! He’s not only a tremendous friend of Kaley’s daughter Carson, he’s also a very supportive advocate for special needs dogs and dogs that look a touch bit different generally . Isn’t it sweet?

Let’s take a peek at this inspiring boi: