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Puppy can’t hide his joy at finding out that he would finally be adopted

 Nobody likes to feel neglected or abandoned, regardless of if they're a person's being or an animal. We all wish to feel loved, cared for, and guarded .

The protagonist of this story may be a beautiful hairy half-breed who has been nicknamed “Heart Nose” by users of the networks. This adorable puppy couldn't contain his joy when he learned that he had finally found a replacement home.

“Nariz de Corazón” may be a very expressive and friendly puppy. He doesn't hide his emotions for any reason, much less when it's an excellent joy. Adopting a puppy is usually a special reason to celebrate, and this puppy knows it alright .

Generally, the animals that come to the shelter are very vulnerable beings because they need been through very difficult situations. The task of the center’s staff isn't a simple one, all of them focus their efforts on helping them overcome any consequences or injuries. These aren't only physical, but also emotional, counting on the experience that they had to measure through.

Once these animals are fully rehabilitated, the middle is trying to find a family for them which will give them the chance to possess a peaceful and happy life.

The story of “Heart Nose” has captivated many people on social media after a video was posted showing us how this puppy says goodbye to his caregivers at the shelter excited to satisfy his new home… ear!

After his new human mother chose him, and not another of the furry ones up for adoption, “Heart Nose” couldn’t be happier.

He kept wagging his tail and anxiously clung to the counter as if he was rushing to sign all the documents to go away quickly together with his new family.

Since the video was published, it's not stopped messing with everyone who sees it. Internet users have decided to nickname him “Heart Nose” due to the indisputable shape his nose seems to possess .

Many expressed that this characteristic was a symbol of the large heart that the dog must have.

“You were adopted, I’ll miss you!” the middle manager said, and to her words, the puppy’s response was an unforgettable smile.

“Heart Nose” eventually said goodbye to the shelter that became his temporary home, licked the hand of his caregivers, and even gave the “fist goodbye”.

It’s truly wonderful when a puppy gets a replacement home, and seeing his emotional reaction is even more rewarding. Don’t stop sharing this beautiful story!