Puppy Found Buried Alive In Sand and Scorching Sun Gives Rescuers Her First Kisses

 A puppy is lucky to be alive after rescuers pulled her from the hot sand after she was buried alive on a beach in West Oahu, Hawaii.

The pup now named Leialoha (which means “beloved child”) was baking in the hot sun, they're A.B.U.S.E.R threatening her with a machete, when PAWS of Hawaii received an anonymous tip and came to the rescue.

“This beautiful girl was found by one among our team members,” PAWS of Hawaii wrote on Facebook on July 9, 2019. “Someone had just buried her and that they had a machete so who knows what was next,” the animal rescue group continued. The poor puppy was terrified. She was severely dehydrated and red with blisters from advanced mange and sunburn that made her skin raw and pink and caused her to be “bleeding from every inch of her body,” PAWS wrote.

She was rushed to Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services and stabilized. After a couple of days, Leialoha’s heartbreaking story came to the eye of foster caregiver Amanda after she saw photos of the pup. “My heart was broken and that I knew she needed us to foster her.” According to KITV, the person who buried Leialoha did so because her health was overwhelmed. “He felt he was ending her suffering by trying to finish her life, rather than getting her the assistance she needed,” Ku’ulei Durand, the chief director of PAWS of Hawaii, told the news station.

The animal rescue later said on Facebook that police are investigating and searching for herauthor, although it's not clear if they need a suspect. At the same time, Leialoha spends a short time with his family and enjoys kissing and hugging. “Look at Leialoha as she gives her first kisses to her foster sister and see her personality start to shine through. What a blessing that she is healing so well.”

“She’s a cuddler! Leialoha is warming up to the thought that not all humans will hurt her,” said PAWS. “She is loving on her foster mom and resting so she is going to heal up quick.”

Since her rescue, Leialoha has received adoption inquiries from all around the world. “What a blessing to ascertain that numerous people love and look after this precious girl,” wrote PAWS. “We are very happy to mention she features a wonderful family from Hawaii (Big Island) curious about giving her a forever home once she’s heal[ed] up.”

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