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Puppy that faithfully guarded his master’s grave for 10 years has passed away

MAN’S BEST FRIEND Faithful dog dies next to his master’s grave after refusing to leave for 10 years

 Capitán is that the name of the best-known dog in Villa Carlos Paz, a province of Cordoba in Argentina.

The animal died within the same cemetery where his owner is buried. The dog died after having spent ten years guarding the grave of his owner.

“I haven't seen such a thing,” Said Marta Clot, the cemetery florist, remembering Capitán in tears. He who at the age of 16, after several vision problems and joint complications, died.

The dog was a surprise gift from Miguel Guzmán to his son Damián. A year later, in 2006, Miguel died and therefore the dog disappeared from the house, returning sometime later, remaining next to the family home.

The animal disappeared again, and therefore the family thought it had died or had been adopted by people . Until they found it within the cemetery, lying on Miguel’s grave. “I’m sure it came trying to find its owner,” said the florist.

Given that the dog has lived within the cemetery for much of the previous couple of years, several people are asking that the animal’s remains be deposited within the cemetery. except for this to be possible, a special permit are going to be required.

Rest in peace great friend.