Rescue Puppy With Her Heartbreaking Story Goes Viral And Captures Everyone’s Hearts

To solve this problem, Save a Hound made a video of the tragic story of a beagle puppy named Suzie and shared it on social media. They hope that this video will help people consider adopting pets rather than buying them. Undoubtedly, the video quickly became popular and exceeded their expectations.

Some rescuers found the little girl Susie when she was unwell. She was emaciated and not socialized thanks to living on the streets for several days. The rescue team took her to the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore, where she was given medical treatment and care until she found her forever home.


Two days later, the video of her story was shot. In it, Suzie waited for several days to be adopted by someone. Some people came to the shelter, but they went by her and ignored her. She was sad when seeing other animals around her get adopted into their loving homes. But finally, the poor pup found love in the eyes of a touch girl. The girl went crazy with her and decided to ask her to go home.

However, the story in the video is staged. Suzie’s story found its happy end very soon after. In fact, the stunning girl only stayed in the asylum for four days. She was adopted by a retired clergyman as a Christmas present for his twins. He felt like Suzie was perfect for him and his family, so he decided to offer her a second chance at a replacement life.

Dogs are our great companions, so they deserve a home filled with love and joy. If you're trying to find a dog, the simplest way is to adopt one. Through adoption, you can save a life and help other dogs have enough space for measurements until they find the perfect home.

Take a look at this video and you will understand the importance of adopting a dog. Save A Hound may be a non-profit entity that's dedicated to assisting shelters in their marketing efforts. They funded the creation of more attractive and exciting mainstream media to encourage people to adopt pets instead of buying them in stores. They hope that every pet, especially our canine friends, can sleep in a loving and safe home. Please join them and help more animals in need!

If you're inspired by Suzie’s story, please share her video together with your friends and family members!

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