Small Dog with Enormous Tumor and Surrendered for Euthanasia has the Best Life Now

 Her heartless owners had let the tumor grow for 2 years before dumping her at the shelter. But just look at her now!

Thanks to her professional rescuers and veterinary ranch, a dog with a large tumor now has a new life. Hattie had been surrendered to a Texas shelter for euthanasia by her heartless owners, who had let the tumor grow for two years without doing anything.

She came to the eye of Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform who described Hattie as “may be the worst owner surrender we've taken in.” Hattie was immediately taken to Vet Ranch’s Dr. Karri, who remarked that she had never seen a tumor that enormous on a dog Hattie’s size before. The Dallas Dog RRR compares the tumor to a bowling ball!

Dr. Karri pointed out that Hattie lost her balance due to the tumor pressing on her. She also noticed how Marty will love it was a beanbag chair! are you able to imagine?

Dr. Karri was both nervous and excited before Hattie’s surgery (note: the video below does not contain any graphic imagery). After her surgery, Hattie is sort of a fresh dog! The tumor, by the way, was 15 pounds! Hattie’s recovery wasn’t without a couple of setbacks But she overcame them and began to take care of them.

Because of her rescuers, she continues to look for an exquisite home forever! To think Hattie was almost euthanized due to her previous owner’s neglect. But thankfully, her rescue features a happy ending!